X-Series Triggering Excellent Results

11th April 2017

Geochain’s 2016 X-series upgrade has now completed several successful surveys around the globe.   In Q1 2017, a large, independent E&P company completed a slow rate pumping flood analysis of previously fracced high temperature (320F+) wells in South Texas, USA. To achieve this, the company used ASL’ s latest downhole 15-level X-series Geochain recording system passively sampling at a 250us interval.  The purpose of such surveys are to differentiate and identify fluid migration rates through the local geology, which in term gives crucial information for the viability of secondary/enhanced reservoir recovery.

Historically, microseismic surveys monitoring slow rate pumping do not typically see many events, yet  low noise AS272  gapless recording X-Series upgrade system combined with the high sensitivity Quad AS227 Omnidirectional sensor pack triggered 1000’s events over a short time period.

ACQ Time Domain View of triggered microseisms with P&S moveout. ZXY components overlayed. 15 Level X-Series Geochain – Sampling @ 0.25ms

The X-Series upgrade allowed the Geochain downhole monitoring system to deliver:

  • Real time gapless monitoring within high temperature well environment
  • 15 receivers sampling at 0.25ms interval
  • 1000’s events triggered with clean base line and excellent P/S move out
  • Clear head wave arrival detected
  • No survey downtime

For more information about X-Series please click here.