Geochain 3D VSP Featured in SEG Leading Edge Magazine

2nd September 2014

In the recent issue of Leading Edge (Aug 2014, Vol 33, No 8), the Avalon’s recent successful 16 level Geochain 3D VSP survey has been featured in an article:

3D VSP and surface full-azimuth seismic integrated study in northeastern China

The survey was carried out in the XJWZ area of Daqing oil field, northeastern China. Previous seismic surveys focused on the use of 2D and narrow azimuth 3D surveys, which were not suitable for anisotropy analysis and fracture identification. This lead to the use of 3D VSP and full azimuth surface seismic surveys to be carried out.

The 16-level Geochain was used over the interval of 2640m to 3900m for an eigth-azimuth walkaway VSP survey, to compliment the surface seismic survey. With the advantage of both VSP and surface seismic the job has produced encourage results.

Each step of the 3D VSP processing was treated carefully allowing for the wavefield separation, defraction and fault reflection to be preserved. The surface seismic produced enhances resolution and image precision, by applying better Q factor and anisotropy parameters established from the VSP survey.

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