Geochain™ Borehole Seismic Range

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Avalon Sciences Ltd (ASL) designs and manufactures advanced borehole seismic equipment for permanent seismic monitoring, hydraulic/hydrothermal fracture mapping and Vertical Seismic Profiling (VSP).

The Geochain Product Range

Our Geochain™ system Brand is rapidly becoming the industry standard with over 200 recorders and 1000 receiver tools deployed globally. Geochain’s popularity has grown exponentially due to its ease of use, low maintenance overhead and its ability to deliver high performance and top quality data whilst minimising rig time.  The downhole variants can all be configured to your survey and well geometry requirements.

Geochain 100 downhole equipment

The high pressure Geochain™ is our most established configuration with the downhole ASR HP Advance Seismic Receiver satellite offering 25,000 psi and 200°C standard analogue operating temperature.  The modular design allows for a quick and easy change out of the electronic pack and the addition of a TAS Telemetry Adapter Section and VRS Voltage Regulator Section  to convert to a market leading 195°C multilevel digital system.



Geochain EHP™ Extra High Pressure offers all the functionality of our standard high pressure Geochain™ with the enhanced specification of 30,000 psi pressure rating, thus making this system one of the most robust seismic tools for operation in hostile, high pressure wells.  All standard Geochain™ electronic and sensor modules are fully compatible with the Geochain EHP™ downhole ASR-1 EHP satellite.


Geochain Slim

GeochainSlim™ packages all the seismic recording features of a standard pressure Geochain™ into an ultra-slim 1-11/16″ OD housing. The slim system has been upgraded to accommodate the industry acclaimed low noise high sensitivity ‘Quad’ sensor pack ideal for both VSP and microseismic monitoring. The system can be configured to a low cost 200°C dual Analogue system or as a multilevel 195°C digital seismic system, both rated to 20,000 psi.

All downhole tools with a Geochain™ brand are fully compatible with our standard surface acquisition panels and software.  ASL also offers a wide range of other downhole ancillaries for permanent monitoring and well logging.