Surface Ancillaries

ASL offers a number of surface ancillaries to enhance survey design or assist with field Quality Control, test and deployment.

Bespoke ancillaries to meet your exact requirements can also be arranged; please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.




Download Brochure:  Ancillaries Datasheet


Make-Up plates

ASL manufacture and supply make-up plates to allow a satellite by satellite assembly whilst deployed vertically within the wellhead.

We have plates for both Geochain and GeochainSlim.

Heater Jacket (Heater-01)

The 3” heater jacket is designed for use with the GeochainTM system.

It is designed to fit around the electronics section of the ASR tool or TAS section and allows the units to be tested for operation at elevated temperatures without needing a dedicated oven.

Main Features

  • 200 W silicone heater
  • 110/220 V Operation
  • Intelligent PID controller
  • 400˚F/ 205˚C
  • Cascade power connection

A Heater-06 circuit breaker for heater jackets (includes modified AS958 cable) is available.  These can power up to 5 jackets.

A slim variant for GeochainSlimTM product range will be available soon.

ITC Transits Cases

Custom made inter-tool cable transit case. These are made from heavy gauge aluminium with hinged lids and lifting handles for one or two man lift.

The cases have locating pins for stacking and drain holes in case of water ingress.

Tool Stands

Custom made 3” tool stands for use with ASR and ASR-EHP tools and all other downhole products belonging to the GeochainTM system.

Made from 8 mm stainless steel, these stackable stands are both lightweight and robust.

These stands will also work with the GeochainSlimTM range although a bespoke stand will also be available soon.

Tool Service Packs (S-pack range) 

Tool service and maintenance packs for both analogue and digital downhole and service equipment are available.

These are bundle packages of various perishable/consumable spares such as o-rings and inserts for all major downhole tools and connecting cables.

A typical service pack will provide enough components to perform 9 routine service operations and 1 major service.

Geochain SPAK 2015 Datasheet

Geochain EHP SPAK 2015 Datasheet

Geochain Slim SPAK 2015 Datasheet

Tool Kits

Tool packs for both analogue and digital downhole and service equipment are available.

These are bundle packages of various tools such as C-spanners, extractor tools and application tools.

A typical tool pack will provide the tools required to perform a minor and major tool service.

Geochain Tool Kit 2015 Datasheet

Geochain EHP Tool Kit 2015 Datasheet