Permaseis™ Permanent Monitoring

The PermaseisTM digital array is one of the latest adaptations of our highly regarded GeochainTM system. The system utilises the new PSR-1 downhole receivers along with the standard GSP and GPP surface panels from our GeochainTM system.

The high continuous temperature rating and the robust telemetry system will ensure semi/permanent operation in the harshest of well environments.

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Main Features
  • Metal to metal seals
  • 20,000 psi pressure rating
  • 195°C temperature rating
  • Simple conversion to analogue mode for use up to 225°C
  • ACS cooling system
  • 3 component geophones
  • Burst disk operated locking arm
  • Uses standard Avalon surface control panels
  • ACS cooling system
  • Upgraded X-Series Electronics

The tool is developed from the tried and tested ESR and GSR tools and has been designed to provide years of reliable service by utilising metal to metal C-rings throughout. Deployment of the tool is via a standard hepta cable and uses a double booted cable head with a Krytox oil fill to ensure long term integrity.

In digital mode the tools can be combined to a maximum of 60 levels with 100m spacing between levels.  The tool utilises Avalon’s unique Active Cooling System (ACS), this maintains a constant 45°C differential between the borehole fluid and the tool’s electronic system. This dramatically improves not only long term reliability, but also allows operation to 180°C for weeks at a time.

The PSR can also be provided in single or dual tool analogue mode to allow even higher operating temperatures.  Analogue tools are available in 200°C and 225°C versions.

The PSR comes with a three component sensor pack as standard which can be upgraded from one omnidirectional geophone per axis to four highly sensitive geophones per axis and with the further option of a state of the art active sensor pack (currently under development). These sensor packs will work in any orientation and, when using a multi-sensor per component devices, will deliver the required sensitivities with minimal noise for detecting the full microseismic wavefield.

Permaseis Specifications  
Dynamic Range: >100db
Noise Floor: <75 nV
Distortion: <0.02%
Bandwidth: 15-1,600 Hz
Sensors: 15Hz Omnidirectional Geophone
Max Temp: 195oC (Digital) 225oC (Analogue)
Max Pressure: 20,000 psi (1400 bar)
Projected lifespan: 10 years at 150ᵒC
Control Panels: GSP