Mining & Shallow Boreholes

Avalon Sciences also offers bespoke shallow seismic solutions for civil engineering and mining projects.

Shallow Borehole Seismic Range

Shallow Geophone with slickline deployment

ASL has extensive experience in supplying bespoke retrievable, semi/permanent deployment of multicomponent seismic sensors for the application civil geotechnical engineering projects and mining stability studies including fracture network analysis within mining environments. ASL’s shallow borehole solutions have gained popularity due to ease of use, low maintenance overhead being a priority whilst still delivering high performance with top quality data whilst minimizing rig time.

The downhole variants can all be configured to your survey and well geometry requirements.

Mining Applications – The installation of a network of geophones is often necessary for the long term monitoring of seismic activity from block cave mining. In recent years, Avalon has worked closely with mining operators to supply and deploy permanent systems with projects involving slick-line wireline installation and then cemented permanently to a depth of up to 1.5km within 15 cased near-vertical wells located around the mine circumference.  Analog cabling was coupled to the wireline slick-line with the sensors pods located within individual pressure housings.  The system produced excellent broadband data with very low back ground noise.  This, combined with an uncomplicated deployment strategy employing simple but robust analog electronics, delivered a fast and cost effective seismic solution for  passive seismological study within a mining environment.

Passive Shallow Borehole Sondes