Our Research & Development programme

Our research and development effort is currently focused on delivering downhole instrumentation which can survive for increasingly longer periods of time within the harshest of well conditions. At Avalon we recognize the demand to go deeper, hotter and for longer in order to map and monitor the unconventional and complex subsurface which is typical of modern day exploration.

Avalon Research Centre (ARC)

In 2012 ASL officially opened the Avalon Research centre (ARC). This 17,500 square foot facility boasts state of the art electronic design and assembly laboratories hosting advanced diagnostic apparatus, robotic printed circuit board assembly, inspection and repair equipment. In addition, it houses some of the most advanced thermal/pressure test rigs in the UK. Within the ARC we house our three R&D divisions, Electronic, Mechanical and Software, all employing experienced specialists in telemetry design, thermo mechanics and wireline communications.

Avalon Borehole Test Facility

Avalon’s latest R&D asset is situated on a geothermal hot well quarry site which allows for  testing of borehole equipment within a controlled environment. This provides ASL with an easier means of proving equipment within real onsite conditions and training clients within a field environment.

ISO 9001

Our Quality Assurance System is certified to the ISO9001 standard by BSI. We maintain close control of our design and manufacturing processes by keeping them in house at our state of the art design and manufacturing facilities in the UK dedicated solely to borehole seismic systems.