Surface Equipment and SoftwareSurface Panels

All ASL Downhole tools are fully compatible with our standalone surface power and recording panels and are operated by our in-house ACQ software suite. In addition ASL offers source synchronizers for multiple offset sources and a wide range of surface test and service ancillaries.

Surface Control Panels

All of our borehole seismic systems incorporate our Geochain Surface Panel (GSP). Our recording panels interface directly to any PC and can be operated in either Analogue or Digital mode.

surface panelsGSP-1 Geochain System Panel – Over 300 GSP systems are in use today. The panel can have a maximum of sixteen analogue seismic channels along with the standard digital input section. The panel can therefore be used with any analogue borehole seismic tools or with all our  Geochain and Permaseis product range. Each GSP purchase includes a  VSProwess Processing Suite license.


surface panelsGPP-2 Geochain Power Panel – Operating from all standard mains power sources, the GPP is designed to supply operating current to the borehole seismic tool. The panel interfaces directly with the GSP and enables DC Power and AC data transmission over the same wireline.  The system has a full built-in safety protection to remove the risk of electrical damage to equipment.


DCP-2 Dual Control Panel – Tsurface panelshis panel provides a universal power supply and control for all analogue operation of the GeochainTM product range.  It is the most robust and operationally simple panel in our range, and can operate up to two analogue downhole receivers.


GPPGMP- Geochain Monitor Panel– The new Geochain Monitor Panel (GMP) combines the full functionality and safety features of its predecessor (GPP) with an integrated wireline interface box, wireline simulator and monitor viewer to fully QC the wireline performance. It is the latest surface panel in the Avalon range.


Source Controllers


Source Controllers

RSS-2 Remote Source Synchronizer – The RSS-2 array source controller is a flexible and cost effective solution for the control of clustered “airgun” arrays. It is a development of the highly acclaimed and field proven RSS-1.



SoftwareACQ Acquisition Software Suite – ACQ provides powerful data quality control tools including flexible trace display, comparative spectral analysis, particle motion hodogram, trace plotting and time/depth profile display.  The software suite is required for operation of all ASL tools which require a GSP recording panel, which allows it to display traces recorded from GSP surface analogue channels.