AST-1 Advanced Sparker Downhole Source

The Advanced Sparker Tool (AST) has been developed to provide a high energy and repeatable downhole seismic source. Primary use of the AST would be with seismic sensors deployed in an adjacent well or wells to provide cross well imaging or sensor orientation of fracture monitoring instrumentation.

When the AST is deployed with the GeochainTM system it will be possible to provide single well imaging. With a low power requirement of a 100W and high energy output of 1000J the AST is a versatile downhole seismic source which can be deployed in various configurations.


Most recent commercial job (June 2018) with AST saw over 7200 shots for the duration with no downtime.

The AST comprises of a High Voltage Power Supply Unit (HVPSU), Upper & Lower Capacitor Section and Firing Head.

The AST comprises of a High Voltage Power Supply Unit (HVPSU), Upper & Lower Capacitor Section and Firing Head.

The AST has recently successfully completed commercial deep well salt prox and cross well surveys in the GoM region, Q1 2018, with AST source-Geochain receiver offsets of up to 4500 ft!

  • Peak Power 1000 Joules/Shot
  • 20s Firing Interval
  • Output Signal 10 – 4000Hz-Omni Directional
  • 3” (76.2mm) Diameter
  • Automatic or Triggered Firing
  • 302°F (150°C) Temperature Rating
  • 10,000 PSI Pressure Rating
  • Monocable or 7 conductor wireline
  • Deployed with GeochainTM System or standalone operation
  • Repeatable energy pulse
  • Firing T/B transmitted to surface
  • Operation in any type of conductive well fluid
  • Built in safety protection

AST Sparker High Voltage Power Supply Unit HVPSU


To operate the Advanced Sparker Tool, DC power is supplied to the High Voltage Power Supply Unit (HVPSU). The DC power can be supplied by the GeochainTM system or, if run independently, directly from the surface.

The downhole HVPSU charges a bank of capacitors to a high voltage. When the critical voltage has been reached the energy is switched to the electrode via a gas discharge switch, generating a spark and creating a high energy output pulse. The unit can be programmed to fire at a constant rate, or it can be triggered remotely.


AST Specification  
Power: 1000 Joules/shot
Output Bandwidth: 10-4000Hz
Power consumption: 100 watts
Electrode life: >5000 shots
Diameter: 3” (76mm)
Length: 29.9ft (9.1m)
Pressure: 10,000 psi (700 bar)
Temperature: 302oF (150oC)
Firing interval: 20 seconds
Wireline: Mono or hepta