Avalon Welcomes Sebastien Soulas to Global Operations Team

May 2022

Avalon Sciences is very pleased to welcome Sebastien Soulas to the Global Operations Team.

As Global Operations Manager in Somerton, UK and will be overseeing field operations, field testing, and advising on internal/external technical matters. He will continue to provide support to the R&D team in 3C optical and DAS technology.


Sebastien completed his Master’s degree in Geophysics (specialising in Borehole geophysics) from the School and Observatory of Earth Sciences (EOST), Strasbourg France, in 1994. He then spent 15 years working in marine seismic data processing, acquisition, and analysis at various European locations before leading global borehole seismic activities for Maersk Oil in Copenhagen. He worked at BP for 8 years and acted as a senior Borehole Seismic Technical Expert in Upstream Reservoir Development, managing global borehole seismic operations, including the planning and execution of data acquisition, data processing, and VSP data integration with surface seismic.

At the beginning of 2019, he joined LYTT as Senior Advisor for Borehole Seismic, a BP tech start-up that develops and deploys high-value applications using DAS and DTS to provide real-time 24/7 subsurface analytics including seismic applications. He joined Avalon Sciences in May 2022 as Global Operations Manager.

He has presented numerous technical papers on borehole Geophysics including DAS seismic at EAGE and SEG conferences and workshops promoting data value, technology adoption, and integration with surface seismic.

Come Say Hello at EAGE Madrid!

Sebastien will be with Avalon the EAGE Madrid, 6-9th June Booth #154, we invite anyone interested to talk to borehole seismic technology (or motorcycles!) to come and say hi.