Into the Abyss! Avalon’s tools log Asia’s deepest vertical well

September 2023

Avalon Sciences is proud to see our borehole seismic receivers successfully used to perform a VSP within the entire 5.6 mile vertical length of the Pengshen-6 oil well. The record-breaking well is in the southwest of China’s Sichuan province and has been named the “underground Mount Everest”.

Pengshen No. 6 Well, South West China (Image form Engineer Live)

Original Article – Engineering Live

Sichuan Exploration Company deployed X-series Geochain from the surface down to 6500m TVD, followed by using our high-pressure, high-temperature ASR (Advanced Seismic Receiver) down to 9000m TVD within borehole temperatures of up to 197C.

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ASR-EHP – 30,000 PSI. One of our most robust pressur ehosigns for Geochain tools for the most hostile well conditions.