MSc Borehole Seismic Short Course Complete!

Sept 2022

Avalon Sciences was very pleased to receive 8 MSc students who successfully completed our ATC-4 Borehole Seismic Short Course.

This September, ASL ran consecutive 4-day courses for the University of Aberdeen Masters level Geophysics programme.

Aberdeen students rigging down a Geochain borehole seismic receiver within the 2.4km deep RH15 well at Rosemanowes Quarry, Avalon Borehole Test Centre, Cornwall, UK.

The ATC-4 course comprises a mix of both classroom theory and field practical’s, giving the student a comprehensive introduction to the industry world of downhole seismic exploration and monitoring.  The students had the rare opportunity to experience real well site operations, and even shoot their very own vibroseis borehole seismic survey, employing market leading downhole hardware and acquisition/processing software.

Our operations team were particularly impressed with this year’s MSc Geophysics cohort and wish them every success with their seismic career!  More pictures below…

Student seismic engineer viewing the real time seismic vibroseis sweeps from within the logging cabin…

Experience operation of wireline winch unit

Working with a range of seismic sources…

Classroom theory for planning VSP acquisition and processing down to corridor stack.

Performing wave field correlation with pilot signal for accurate picking and stacking…

L-R: Theodore, Ebitimi, Jack and Emmanuel – Week 2 Students

L-R: Simay, Claudia, Joseph and Yasin. Week 1 Students.

Avalon Operations Field Staff with week 2 Students