ASL Acquires Assets and IP of USSI

11th March 2016


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US Seismic Systems, Inc. Logo. (PRNewsFoto/USSI)

ASL has acquired the assets and IP of US Seismic Inc. The transaction will allow ASL to continue its development of alternative borehole seismic sensor technology with a mind to providing very broadband, high sensitivity passive sensors to complement the existing Geochain system. The optical sensor has the unique feature of requiring no complex downhole electronics making the potential for very high temperature systems suitable for not only the extended HP/HT oil and gas environment but also the increasingly important geothermal industry. The BOSS (Borehole Optical Seismic System™) was first introduced by ASL two years ago using USSI technology piggy backed onto our existing surface system with all the acquisition and processing features provided with the Geochain system. Acquiring this technology will allow ASL to develop the optical system so it will provide a robust and reliable system much the same as the Geochain system which was introduced nearly fifteen years ago.

The acquisition will enhance ASL’s borehole seismic equipment range with a suite of passive optical seismic sensors.

Gary Tubridy, CEO of ASL, said: “We had been working with USSI over several years and could well see the potential of its fibre optic based borehole seismic system. It was unfortunate that the oil price crash prevented them from realising the company’s potential. We have the experience, resources and skilled personnel at ASL to be able to hone and perfect BOSS™ to provide a reliable and easily deployed system for both permanent and wireline conveyed surveys. We are excited to add the USSI patented fibre optic techniques to our portfolio of conventional world renowned borehole seismic systems.

The borehole seismic survey, both active source and passive monitoring, is a tool most commonly used to enhance original low resolution surface seismic surveys. The technique is also very useful for reservoir characterisation, hydraulic fracture monitoring and CO2 sequestration monitoring. It has been limited in the past by the small number of tools that can be deployed in a well at one time, due mainly to the limited data transmission capabilities of conventional wirelines. Fibre optics overcome this barrier and because the sensor system is passive downhole it should ensure greater reliability.

ASL will continue to offer and develop its conventional Geochain borehole seismic system but will also now be able to offer an improved BOSS system to extend our product offering and be ready for the industry’s requirements over the coming decade.

For further information please contact:

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