Avalon marks its one thousandth ASR-1 HP borehole seismic receiver milestone.

29th January 2015

ASL is proud to note that the number of  Advanced Seismic Receivers (ASR-1) now in world circulation has now reached one thousand.

The ASR-1 HP is the 25000 psi rated downhole receiver satellite component of the acclaimed Geochain TM borehole seismic system. This downhole satellite was first manufactured in 2007 and due to the modular nature of both the robust electronics and sensors has over the years scene numerous upgrades to both telemetry performance, receiver sensitivity and increased robustness at both extreme high temperature and pressure.  Unlike any of the competing systems on the market, users investing in the ASR-1 experience a great value total lifetime cost of ownership, where the tool’s backwards compatibility and modular upgrades offer a much more cost effective alternative to replacing  an entire receiver string each time specifications are improved.