GPP Functionality

The GPP (Geochain Power Panel) is designed to supply operating current to the Geochain borehole seismic tool.

The GPP contains a ruggedised Glassmann LVP600-1.7 power supply (a rebadged Xantrex manufactured unit) and is packaged into a nineteen-inch rack-mountable case, along with our own GPP filter and GPP supervisor boards.

The GPP unit also incorporates the WIB (Wireline Interface Box). The WIB contains transformers to enable both DC power and AC data to be transmitted over the same wireline cable. Note that the early GPPs do not have an integrated WIB, but instead may connect to a separate WIB via a short interface cable.

GPP supervisor board

The functions of the GPP supervisor board are, in order of priority:

  1. To minimise the risk of harm to personnel.
  2. To minimise the risk of damage to incorrectly connected equipment.
  3. To enable the Geochain tool system to be reset under program control.
  4. To enable automated logging of Geochain operating current and voltage.

At switch on, the GPP supervisor board performs a short series of electrical tests, using safe voltage levels, to check for the presence of a Geochain VRS (Voltage Regulator Section). If a VRS is not detected, then the GPP output is inhibited and the appropriate fault is signalled by front panel status indicators.

During operation, the GPP supervisor board continuously monitors output voltage and current. In the event of a sudden change in either parameter, the GPP output is again inhibited and the appropriate fault signaled.