Voltage Regulator Section (VRS) 

The VRS (Voltage Regulator Section) is located at the bottom end of the GeochainTM digital receiver array.  The VRS operates both as a voltage regulator to establish the 110 volt ASR arm operating motor power voltage and as a sinker weight.  It is equipped with a motion sensor to assist with the lowering of AST tools down the borehole.

A portion of the current through the VRS is diverted to operate the ASR arm control motors. The GeochainTM software is able to resolve any current demands required by the ASR arm motors by automatically suspending one or more motors until more current is available.

VRS Specifications  
Diameter: 3” (76mm)
Length: 47 ¼ 1200mm
Weight: 90 lbs (41 kg)
Pressure: 25,000psi (1750bar)
Temperature: 400oF (204oC)
Control Panel: GPP, GSP-1
Wireline: Hepta cable
Motion Sensor: OYO SMC1850 omni phone