The GMP is Avalon’s latest surface panel and is used to control the power supply for a Geochain System (Geo/Slim/EHP)

The new Geochain Monitor Panel (GMP) combines the full functionality and safety features of its predecessor (GPP) with an integrated wireline interface box, wireline simulator and monitor viewer to fully QC the wireline performance.

Unlike its predecessor the GMP is able to operate optimally in constant current, thus ignoring any adverse affects and unknowns from variable wireline resistances.

The GMP uses one or two of the new Glassman LPC600 supplies. These are more compact and offer much better noise performance than the older LVP supplies used in the GPP.

The unit can be configured for 4 or 6 wire telemetry and single or dual Glassman supplies (longer string operation).  It offers a considerable cost saving in comparison to purchasing the four old panels.

GMP supervisor board

In priority order, the functions of the GMP supervisor board are:

  1. To minimise the risk of harm to personnel,
  2. To minimise the risk of damage to incorrectly connected equipment,
  3. To enable the Geochain tool system to be reset under program control,
  4. To enable automated logging of Geochain operating current and voltage.

Upon powering up, the GMP supervisor board performs a short series of electrical tests, using safe voltage levels, to check for the presence of a Geochain VRS (Voltage Regulator Section). If a VRS or Slim VRS is not detected, then the GMP output is inhibited and the appropriate fault is signalled by front panel status indicators.

During operation, the GMP supervisor board continuously monitors output voltage and current. In the event of a sudden change in either parameter, the GMP output is again inhibited and the appropriate fault signalled.