The analogue channels use 24 bit delta-sigma converters for improved dynamic range and to remove the need for complex IFP gain stages. The maximum sample rate is 0.25 ms, which allows very high frequency seismic data to be recorded.

The digital section automatically selects the highest data rate that the cable will support. The maximum dual rate is 1.536 Mb s-1 with a fall back rate of 256 kb s-1 for use on poor quality cables. An on-board DSP chip provides automatic and adaptive equalisation of the wireline characteristics. There are therefore no manual filter settings.

Communication with the PC recording system is by USB serial interface. The USB interface will allow the panel to be used with all modern PC’s.

The GSP incorporates a single airgun firing circuit for use on simple checkshot surveys. Four independent external control circuits give control over external source controllers such as our own RSS four gun remote gun firing system.

The panel provides fully automatic DC offset and gain calibration along with full instrument tests. The i-test reports are generated on the PC for archiving or for passing onto the client.
Full support for the panel is provided under our ACQ acquisition software. Please see our separate brochure to see the depth and flexibility of this highly acclaimed package.

  • Firing Circuit (FC) allows GSP to trigger a single air gun without any additional equipment.
  • GSPIO module includes: external source control interface, power control circuitry and controls the FC.
  • Dual seismic interface (DSI) allows between 2-16 Analogue channels.
  • CPU2 offers both a GPS time stamp and depth encoded interface.
  • Test signal generator (TSG) able to generate either precision sine wave signals or single sample impulses.