The source controller interfaces via USB to any Windows computer.  Firing delays are adjusted automatically or may be set manually if required.  The unit will interface with all common air gun types and has an inbuilt constant-current source, for use with Bolt transducers.  Timing can be made from zero crossing or peaks and individual polarity can be switched to overcome wiring errors. Slave units may be divided for multi-source and sequential firing.

High resolution source monitor signatures are transmitted to the master RSS-2 via a digital radio modem.  Each individual gun signature is displayed at the slave location and the timing information for each gun is transmitted across to the master unit for error reporting.  If available, airgun pressure may be displayed.  A GPS time stamp option is also available.

In addition to the usual oscilloscope style display of transducer signatures, simple bar indicators show timing error and transducer amplitudes.  A gun performance report is produced automatically at the end of each survey line.

SIU Source Interface Unit (up to 8 used with each RSS-2 panel)

Packaged within a water & shock proof unit, each interface unit synchronises up to 4 sources.

The latest 2013+ SIU’s also give the option to output analogue hydrophone signal using AHA.