VSProwess Processing Suite – Inclusive with every GSP-1 sale or can purchased separately.

VSProwess is now routinely used in most of the world’s oilfields, with hundreds of users and many thousands of processed VSP surveys. In recent years VSProwess has developed into a very competent general borehole seismic processing system and is now widely used to process to final report.

Seismic data processing can be a challenging task. Thanks to its in-field heritage, VSProwess has a deserved reputation as an easy to use system, freeing the user to concentrate on geophysics.

The VSProwess software runs on almost any PC using a Windows operating system (Win2k, XP, Vista, Windows7).

The VSProwess software is a comprehensive VSP processing package including…

  • Basic VSP processing and inversion to velocity
  • Velocity log calibration and synthetic seismogram
  • Three component processing, including shear waves
  • VSP Q analysis
  • Image reconstruction from simple NMO and bin to migration
  • Full 3C3D capability
  • Salt proximity
  • Microseismic event QC and location
  • Wavelet matching to surface seismic

ASL is able to offer support with its use of VSProwess to Seismic Engineers and is a module on our ATC-2 (Field Engineer) and ATC-3 (Geoscience) training course.