ACQ provides powerful data quality control tools including flexible trace display, comparative spectral analysis, particle motion hodogram, trace plotting and time/depth profile display.

The software suite is required for operation of all ASL tools which require a GSP recording panel, and so can also display traces recorded from downhole and GSP surface analogue channels.

• Use Offline ACQ can be run independently of a GSP for survey design preparation, record replay and QC. A simulator mode is also available to allow users to practice configuring, acquiring and analysing borehole seismic and log data prior to real well operation.
The Avalon Software Suite requires a Windows PC, either a laptop or desktop with a USB port.

The application should run under any Windows operating system, although we only recommend, test and support its use under Windows 7.

• Intelligent Tool Bypass – The latest user friendly interface for the seismic engineer. The new ‘Bypass’ mode in the software enables data recovery from all active receivers, preventing any individual satellite failures from compromising the survey. Any down tools can be bypassed, allowing communication and instruction to all tools below.

• Microseismic Mode – Digital GeochainTM systems can now be upgraded for passive monitoring operation to provide continuous recording at the highest sample rate for maximum picking accuracy and recording bandwidth.

X-Series –ACQ 4 now accommodates the X-series Digital GeochainTM release which delivers gapless operation along with improved tool telemetry systems to increase either the number of available satellites or sample rate for maximum picking accuracy and recording bandwidth (both VSP and Microseismic).

What else is in the Software Suite ?

Gapless Recording
ACQ v4.6 supports X-series modules for gapless operation.  When acquiring ‘gapless’ records there is no delay between individual MIRF files, allowing long periods of recoding without loss of data.
Formatted Mode
Formatted records are available when using complete X-Series electronics in combination with a DFU. Formatted operation allows an increase in the number of satellites available for a given tool sample rate.
A utility program designed to allow the monitoring of both data quality and shot point coordinates during a walk-away VSP survey. However, its flexible display options make this program a useful tool for examining any MIRF dataset.
This program allows well geometries to be plotted dynamically with source and recviver shot point locations.
RSS-2 Software
ACQ compatible user interface designed for source synchronisation, reference and timing signals when using multiple sources remote to the well head.