Divine is a modular, 2D and 3D active and passive seismic (microseismic) imaging package.  It is used for crosshole, VSP, surface reflection, single well and critical refraction surveys and real time microseismic monitoring.

Divine provides a broad range of microseismic processing, data acquisition and analysis functions:

  • Realtime Automatic Processing;
  • 3D receiver group orientation for non vertical and horizontal wells;
  • TI anisotropy (VTI with dip and azimuth);
  • Interactive traveltime and hodogram interpretation;
  • Location resolution analysis;
  • Mircoseismic reflection migration;
  • Bootstrap proprietary triggering and automatic location process;
  • Location using any combination of P and S times and P and S hodograms;
  • Sensitivity analysis;
  • Cluster analysis;
  • 3D grid and 3D dipping layer velocity models.


The principle functions of Divine are:

  • Wavefield processing;
  • Trace interpretation;
  • Raytrace modelling;
  • Tomography;
  • Pre-stack migration;
  • Microseismic data acquisition;
  • Microseismic processing.

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