Higher Temperature Operation
  • The X-series digitizer upgrade for the Geochain/Slim/EHP system provides an improved 385°F (195°C) external operating temperature and higher telemetry rates.  This allows continuous and longer term monitoring in the most hostile well conditions.
  • This is the next development of the industry acclaimed AS271 low noise high gain digital module, which now introduces upgraded active cooling technology and thermal insulation components for increased robustness in addition to facilitating new operational functionality of your Geochain string.

The x-series digitizers AS-272 (ASR) and AS-251 (GSR) along with their equivalent X-(S)TAS telemetry adapter include:

  • NEW 392°F (200°C) Rated Power Supply
  • NEW 392°F (200°C) Rated D15 Connector Spring loaded mount for increased robustness
  • NEW 500°F (260°C), 100 psi (internal) Hermetic Connector
  • Upgraded Thermo-Electric Cooler with optimized heat exchange efficiency giving 385°F (195°C) External rating
  • New Molecular Sieve to absorb airborne moisture