Gapless Recording (Any digitizer)

Passive monitoring operations can often be long term. Discrete records result in a ~2 second gap between records. Over long monitoring periods this can potentially result in the missing of important seismic information. When acquiring ‘gapless’ records there is no delay between individual MIRF files.

This is available for all digitizers interfaced with an X-TAS and a DFU at the top of the string.Gapless tool table

2016 Maximum active receivers—Gapless Recording (number in brackets = Formatted Gapless X-Series with DFU)

Formatted-Gapless Recording (X-Series Digitizers)

Formatted records are available when using complete X-Series electronics in combination with a DFU. Formatted operation allows an increase in the number of satellites available for a given tool sample rate (dictated by your tool data rate). ACQ will automatically detect and enable this function if you have the appropriate hardware.

  • 16 Tools at 0.25 millisecond sample rate
  • 62 Tools at 1 millisecond sample rate
  • Gapless operation ideal for microcosmic recording
  • Advanced error control and QC metrics
Formatted Recording Quality Metrics

  • Wireline quality
  • Tool Quality
  • ITC Quality
  • Individual Tool Status
  • Generates report files for ASL support team to preform advanced troubleshooting