Data Formatting Unit
  • The DFU is a downhole sonde that allows the user gapless operation when used with an X Generation TAS.
  • It is located in between the X-TAS and the digitizers.
  • Compatible with all Geochain digitizer modules for gapless recording
  • Sim variant available (SDFU)


The DFU contains memory that stores digitizer data whilst the TAS has stopped, enabling the data to be continuous without gaps. The system shares the same x-generation unique Active Cooling System for continuous operation at 385oF/195oC and seals for 25,000psi (1700 bar) pressure rating


Extra Fucntionality if also using x-digitizers (AS-272 or AS-251)

  • Facilitates both discrete buffering and formatted recording doubling the number of tools available for a given sample rate.
DFU Schematic
DFU Specifications
Length DFU 9.75” (250 mm)  From M-Rotating nut to Female end SDFU 33.7” (857mm)
Diameter DFU 3” (76mm)   SDFU 1 11/16” (43mm)
Weight DFU 9.5 lb (4.3kg) SDFU 12.4 lb (5.7kg)
Temperature 385oF/195oC (Digital Only)
Pressure DFU 25,000psi (1700 bar) SDFU 20,000psi (1400 bar)
Panels GMP or GPP & GSP-1 (Digital)
DFU Compatible* Yes – Firmware upgrade required to all previous 2015 TAS-2/STAS Units
Wireline 7 Conductor Heptacable