Analogue Mode

The modular construction of the standard (analogue) ASR-1 allows it to be easily converted to digital mode in just minutes.  Replacement of the electronic module with a 200ᵒC rated downhole amplifier (DHA) enables a single or dual level string to be deployed within very hot wells.  The DHA and sensor pack can be upgraded to ASR-1 Extra High Temperature (EHT) to provide up to 225ᵒC operational temperature.

Surface Control
  The analogue system is controlled by Geochain System Panel GSP-1 (currently operates up to 16 analogue channels) and a DCP-2 Dual control panel which allows operation of up to 2 analogue satellites.  The GSP runs our standard ASL Acquisition suite.

This mode of GeochainTM operation is ideal for very hostile well deployment, such as deep check shot surveys.  The requirement of only the ASR tool and no other telemetry/electronic devices (Gamma tools optional) allows the Geochain™ Analogue to be one of the most economic borehole seismic survey systems on the market.