Advanced Seismic Receiver (EHP)
ASR-1 (EHP) Satellite Specifications  
Length 35” (884mm)
Diameter 3.25” (83mm) without nodes
Weight 43.65lbs (19.8kg)
Max locking range 12” (305mm) Standard or 22” (559mm) with an arm extender
Max locking force 300 lbs (Standard Arm)
Temperature 400oF (204oC) Analogue, 385oF (195oC)  Digital (180oC when using older AS270/271/273 electronics modules).
Pressure 30,000psi (2100 bar)
Sensors 3 Component Gimbal – Sensor SM-4 HT 10Hz
  3 Component Fixed – SMC 2400 15Hz Omni- Dual/Quad
Well Deviation Control 0o-95o
Panels GPP/GMP & GSP-1 (Digital)
  DCP-2 & GSP-1 (Analogue)
 Coming Soon: GMP – (Replaces GPP – Provides Power with wireline QC and telemetry features).
System Specifications
Downhole Specifications  
Max. No. of Satellites 62
Telemetry Sample interval Bandwidth Hz Satellites (using DFU)
  1/4ms 1600 8 (15)
  1/2ms 800 16 (30)
  1ms 400 32 (50) Weight limit
Dynamic Range >112dB @ 0dB pre-gain (minimum)
A/D convertor 24 bit Delta-Sigma
Distortion <0.02%
DC offset Self-calibrating
Max. data rate
4Mbit/second using AS272 X Gen digitizer and DFU
Min. data rate 256kbit/second


Surface Specifications  
Recording panel GPP and GSP-1 (Digital) DCP-2 and GSP-1 (Analogue)
Software ASL Acquisition Suite and Copy of VSProwess© Processing Software
Cable equalisation Fully automatic using internal DSP chip
Down-going data rate 2 kbit/second
Airgun firing pulse 60 V, 30ms
Test system Fully automatic with comprehensive report generation
PC Interface USB
Power Requirements 100/230 V AC, 47-63 Hz universal input, 30 watts
Operating Temp 32-104°F (0-40°C)
Enclosure Standard 19” rack mounting