The array utilises 3 component optical omni-directional geophones specially developed by Avalon to cope with hostile deep well conditions. These broadband sensors are low noise, extremely sensitive and will work in any orientation from vertical through to horizontal. Sensitivity, noise floor and bandwidth have been optimised to cover both VSP and fracture monitoring.

The system is fully expandable from a small microseismic system up to 100+stations for large 3D VSPs. The fibreoptic system can also survive more permanent deployment due to metal to metal seals throughout, meaning it can be considered for life-of field installations.

The stations are deployed as standard with optical wireline or on jointed or coiled tubing as an option. The array can be spaced at just a few meters or at several hundred meters for total well coverage. Tool coupling can be bespoke, with an option of patent pending non-electrical delayed clamp arm design, giving up to 150kg locking force.