Tractor Switch Sub (GCN-10)

The GCN-10 is an in-line tractor switching sub for use with the GeochainTM system. It is designed to sit directly below the wireline x-over unit and above the TAS in the GeochainTM string.

The switching sub allows the six outer conductors to be combined downhole to minimise voltage drop when deploying a tractor at the bottom of a GeochainTM string.  Dedicated high current wiring then routes the tractor power along the central line 7 conductor through the entire string.  The sub can be wired to failsafe into either tractor mode or GeochainTM mode

Main Features – 

  • In-line Configuration
  • Standard 7 Conductor wireline
  • 400˚F / 205˚C -25,000 psi pressure rating
  • 3’’ diameter
  • 15’’ length
  • Control voltage 28V DC
  • Voltage 400V max
  • Current 7 amps max