Sinker Bar (SINK-1) 

The SINK-1 Roller Sinker Bar is located at the bottom end of the GeochainTM digital/ASR-1 Analogue receiver array and serves as a sinker weight. When used with the digital GeochainTM system the sinker is able to couple directly below the VRS motion sensor ensuring full string monitoring functionality when lowering receivers into the well. Multiple sinker bars can be joined together to give a greater sink weight. Containing no additional internal electronics the SINK-1 is a very low maintenance device and can perform within the harshest of well environments.

Main Features – 

  • Robust Sinker Bar
  • Compatible with GeochainTM Analogue and Digital
  • Multiple Sinker Bars can be joined together
  • Very Low Maintenance
SINK-1 Specifications  
Diameter: 4” (100mm) (Including Wheel)
Length: 53.5” (1363 mm)
Weight:  88 lbs (40 kg)
Pressure: 25,000 psi (1750bar)
Temperature: 436oF (225oC)
Interface:  VRS/ASR-1
Nose Cone: ASR-89