Rigid Intertool Cable (RITC) Standard

The RITC is a modular rigid connecting system for use with analogue or digital GeochainTM tools. It allows the tools to be deployed in highly deviated or horizontal wells with precise alignment of all the locking arms. The connection can be totally rigid by using just RITC-05 sections or knuckle joints can be used to provide flexibility. A single knuckle joint can be used or a pair fitted above and below the rigid section. The RITC-05 has an in line connection allowing stacking to increase the tool separation.


SRITC Specification  
Feedthroughs: 7 plus ground
Pressure: 20,000psi (14000 bar)
Temperature: 400˚F (205oC)
Length: Up to 25ft per section
Diameter: 1 11/16” (43mm)