ASL Data sheets

Product data sheets can be found below, containing top level product specification and functionality.
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General Brochures

ASL General Brochure – Borehole Seismic Products Line – English

ASL AS272 X Series Brochure – English

ASL AS251 X Series SLIM Brochure Web

ASL All Product Data sheets – English

ASL All Product Data sheets 2016 – Chinese

Avalon Borehole Test Facility – English

Geochain Datasheet

X-Series Datasheet

DFU Datasheet

Geochain Sensor Pack Comparison

XTAS Datasheet

VRS Datasheet

TCU Datasheet

ITC Datasheet

RITC Datasheet

Geochain Tool Kit Datasheet

Geochain SPAK Datasheet

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ASL Datasheets